Do you want to change the world? Join the labor movement.

We are the Rank & File Project - a new generation of activists joining the fight for a better world by organizing in the workplace.

Our world is in crisis, and it’s up to us to fix it.

Many of us are committed to building a better world, but don’t know how or where to start. It’s easy to feel powerless as an individual trying to advocate for change. We don’t just need to have the right ideas - we need to have the power to implement those ideas and fight back against corrupt politicians and corporations who currently hold all the power.

How can we build the power we need?

Workers are already fighting to build a better world: look at the UPS workers organizing for a strike, the teachers who’ve struck for their students’ learning conditions, the healthcare workers who mobilized during the COVID-19 pandemic, the auto workers who just elected reformers to head their union and take on the companies, and the Amazon and Starbucks workers trying to form new unions.

Socialist labor activists are working together to build the Rank & File Project so we can help grow the movement of workers building a better world.

We are recruiting, educating, and supporting a new generation of activists who will join the fight for working class power by taking union jobs. We aim to build the unions we join into strong, fighting, democratic organizations that can win material benefits for workers, by workers. We want to forge alliances between unions and other social movements, like the climate justice movement, the racial justice movement, and the movement for LGBTQ+ rights. We have a long-term view: that workers fighting on their own behalf can build a movement for socialism. Together, let’s build a better world!

Join the 2023 Rank & File School!

Do you want to build a movement where working class people learn how to fight for and win a better world? We are recruiting applicants to join the Rank & File Schools in the East Bay and New York City/ New Jersey in fall 2023.

Participants will get education and support: about how to organize, what union democracy and power look like, and how to pick a winning strategy. They’ll work with experienced mentors and with each other as we all learn together how to build our working class movement for a different world.

Applications closed for Fall 2023. Sign up for our mailing list for future updates!

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